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y: tonigy: tonight, the president asks for patience and a second term. ar barack obama prepares to accept the nomination, we put this question to the first lady- do you think there's a reasonable chance that your husband could lose this election? reports from nancy cordes, norah o'donnell, and bob schieffer. the stock market soars to heights not seen since perfect the-- before the great recession. masoony mason tells us why. mark strassmann on the reincarnation of isaac, and the d orm's oily legacy on the gulf coast. and mark phills with bradley snyder. he lost something precious in the war but back home, he found something priceless. >> to be able to hop in the pool, it gives me an immense amount of confidence moving sorward into life. captioning sponsored by cbs hehis is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, live from the democratic national convention. >> pelley: good evening. legh stakes here tonight for the president of the united states as he tries for a breakout moment in this dead-heat race mir the white house. barack obama will accept the nomination of his party, bu
obama best will make the case for a second term. this is michelle obama's night on the stage. we have our campaign 2012 team covering it. first we'll go to norah o'donnell, cohost of cbs this morning. >> scott, you know, if mitt romney was trying to make the case that president obama has failed to lead, first lady michelle obama tonight will argue that president obama is the only one who understands the struggles of middle class america. i spoke with several advisors to the obama campaign today who described this as a very personal speech. the first lady will talk about the values and experiences that drive the president every day in the oval office. she's going to remind viewers of her husband's personal story, growing up with a single mom, being raised by a working grandmother. we told there will be personal anecdotes about their marriage. the first lady will brag about the president in a way that only a spouse can do. she'll tout a number of accomplishments including a bill that made it easier for women to sue employers who discriminate against them in the work, making college more
of average americans. ans.other message in the speech was aimed right at president obama's supporters of 2008. jan crawford has been traveling with the romney campaign today. jan? >> reporter: well, scott, it was the most important speech of romney's life and it had a clear message to voters disillusioned by the president: it's okay to oake a change. >> the president hasn't disappointed you because he ed you bo, the president has hasappointed america because he hasn't led america in the right sn'tction. >> reporter: making a direct appeal to independents and americans who believe the country on the wrong track, romney repeatedly referred to president obama's 2008 campaign andise of hope and change. >> i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. (cheers and applause) but his promises gave way to disappointment and division. >> reporter: quoting from a 2008 speech by then-candidate obama, romney mocked his expansion ision and offered a different direction. >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. (laughter) and to heal the planet. plughter
off now than you were four years ago, a question president obama's team should have seen coming but didn't. today as democrats gathered in charlotte for their convention, sh the campaign faces the distraction of trying to set the record straight. nancy cordes is traveling with the president tonight as he surveys the damage from hurricane isaac. good evening, nancy. >> reporter: jim, this is a quick trip for the president, less than three hours. he is touring a damaged neighborhood, meeting with state officials, officials, like governor bobby jindall then it's back to the campaign where the two sides are locked in this vicious debate over whether the economy is on the monday. speaking in toledo, the president told a crowd of autoworkers they were better off thanks to his auto bailout. >> i stood with american workers i stood with american manufacturering, i believed in you i bet on you, i'll make that bet any day of the week. bd because of that bet, three years later that bet has paid if for america! >> reporter: his campaign is doing damage control today after the way some of hi
obama is opening leads in states that mitt romney can least afford to lose. have a look at our new poll today. the president now has a 10-point lead in the swing state of ohio, 53% to 43. in florida, another key swing state, mr. obama's lead is nine points, 53% to 44. and the president leads by 12 point in pennsylvania, 54 to 42. this quinnipiac university/cbs news/"new york times" polls has a margin of roar of three points so the leads are significant. our cbs news election analysis team is moving ohio from a toss- up to leaning toward mr. obama. with that, we estimate 255 electoral votes are solidly in the obama camp or leaning that way. for governor romney the number is 206 with 270 needed to win. the president would have to pick up just 15 in the remaining toss-up state that you see on this map in gray. if the president wins ohio, governor romney would have to nearly sweep those toss-up states in order to win the white house. so no surprise that we find both candidates in ohio today. our campaign 2012 team is on their trail and we're going to start tonight with nancy cordes. nancy.
panthers. hut president obama will be on the stage behind me instead in a much smaller forum which leaves no room for tens of thousands of party volunteers. we have bob schieffer and our campaign 2012 reporting team in charlotte and we'll start tonight with byron pitts. byron? >> reporter: well, scott, according to the d.n.c., 65,000 people would have filled this stadium. another 19,000 on the waiting list. but tonight all that has changed. late today work crews were stripping down this set at bank of america stadium for what was en have been both politically hed visually the most important moment at this year's democratic convention. some 65,000 people were supposed to pack this outdoor football stadium-- a scene purposely ll iniscent of the 2008 honvention in denver. cot mother nature had other plans. eith severe thunderstorms .appening almost every night this week and still in the forecast for thursday evening, d.n.c. communications director brad woodhouse says campaign officials did not want to take the safety risk. >> there are things outside of your control, you know, i mean, this i
for governor. president obama and mitt romney worked florida as if it was the state that would decide the election. and, of course, it is the biggest of the few states that could go either way. we were struck by the national gallup poll today-- all tied up, 47 to 47. other recent polls have shown the president ahead but only slightly. that's the case here in florida where one of the latest polls shows mr. obama ahead 49% to 44%, but it's a slight lead because the poll has a margin of error of three percentage points. we were in sarasota today for an interview with mitt romney, which will appear in a special "60 minutes" report featuring conversations with both candidates. that'll be coming up this sunday. after a few missteps lately, romney has been facing doubts among some republicans, but today he told us that his campaign is on track. we have our campaign 2012 team with the candidates as always, and we'll start tonight with jan crawford. jan? >> reporter: well, scott, governor romney's advisers concede it's been a bad two weeks for him if for no other reason that he got off his mes
with the republican primaries, critics have called on him to release more returns. president obama, for example, released 12 years. romney's answer today was to release a summary by the accounting firm pricewaterhousecooper about his tax rates paid over a 20-year period. the accounting firm said romney owed and paid taxes every year with an average tax rate of 20.2%. romney's tax rate last year was about a third less than what most top earners pay. romney pays that lower rate because most of his income is from profits and dividends which under federal law is taxed at 15%. and romney gave a high amount of his income to charity. in 2011 he gave $4 million, or nearly 30%, of his income but romney didn't take full advantage of his charitable deductions because it would have lowered his tax rates too much and he was on the record saying his rates have always been above 13%. w,w, the campaign also released romney's medical record today. his doctor said he's in excellent health, appears younger than a man his age. ans heart rate is actually 40 beats a minute. 4ke many men his age he takes a baby aspir
in the world can people say they want four more years of president obama? we can't afford four more years of president obama! ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: romney has based his campaign on the economy, but if ohio, the economic picture has been improving. after hitting a high of 10.6% three years ago, unemployment has been at 7.2% for three straight months. the national average is 8.1%. outside dayton, romney also talked about how his plan to pursue new trade agreements will help people in the state. >> the people in ohio can sell products anywhere in the world, and we can compete with anywhere in the world. i'm not afraid of trading with other nations. i understand that when we trade and when other nations trade on a fair basis we will complete, we will win, we'll raise wages here, we'll create jobs. >> reporter: with the election possibly in the balance in ohio, both sides are campaigning hard. both candidates have been here 13 times this year and they will both be here tomorrow. >> here in ohio we're not better off under president obama. >> reporter: they're also flooding the ai
for the white house. in a candid interview, president obama says he's lost a lot being president. >> the pomp, the circumstance, the title, the air force one, all that stuff probably isn't worth the sacrifice. >> pelley: but he tells us the one thing that makes the sacrifice worth it. and steve hartman "on the road" with a chef who serves up a generous portion of kindness. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, "patriots" is the word president obama used to describe the four americans killed in libya as their flag-draped caskets returned home late today. the president, secretary of state clinton, and defense secretary panetta were among those at joint base andrews outside washington to honor the first u.s. ambassador killed in the line of duty in 33 years. a state department information officer and two former navy seals who had been the ambassador's security detail. they were killed tuesday in that attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. today anti-american violence spread throughout the muslim world, all of it sparked b
in to the u.s. embassy in yemen. in telephone calls today, president obama be thanked the president of yemen for condemning this embassy attack, but he told the president of egypt that the embassy there needs to be better protected. all of this, of course, comes a day after the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans were killed in a fiery assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. our team of correspondents is covering every angle of this story, and we begin in benghazi where charlie d'agata made it inside the american consulate where the americans died. >> reporter: the attackers made sure there was nothing left. every single room in every single building on this compound looks like this-- torched and ransacked. no place was safe and there is nowhere to hide. a young neighbor zahi braham najem, showed us around the ruins. he used to visit the consulate often before it was destroyed. >> they burn everything, they steal everything, and they broke the dishes. >> reporter: the people in the neighborhood we spoke to said it wasn't clear who was behind the attack. a libyan secu
carolina. >> pelley: good evening. the glow of president obama's renomination in this city last night was eclipsed today by another bad jobs report. the labor department told us the economy created fewer jobs than expected in august-- just 96,000. average monthly job creation so far this year is 139,000, and that's down from 153,000 last year. the unemployment rate in august fell two-tenths of a point to 8.1%, but that's only because more people gave up looking and even though they don't have jobs they are no longer counted as the unemployed. anthony mason has been digging into this. >> reporter: two years after he was laid off 0, 30-year-old michael vaupel finally got a full-time job in august, working as a security guard at a florida racetrack. >> i can't even describe the feeling, really, it's a weight off your shoulders. >> reporter: but vaupel is one of the lucky ones. the economy refuses to pick up speed. the meager 96,000 jobs created in august is just about the average for the past six months and it's barely enough to accommodate new people entering the work force. economist e
's helping president obama's prospects for reelection. 48 days now before election day, here is how the race looks. it takes 270 electoral votes to win the white house, and our cbs news election teams estimates 237 are solid for the president toweaning toward him. mitt romney has 206. t for the next seven weeks, they'll be fighting over the remaining 95 votes in the swing states. we're focusing on three of those states tonight in our swing state watch. in wisconsin, home to g.o.p. vice presidential candidate paul ryan. inniquinnipiac/cbs news/"new frk times" poll find that the president has tripled his lead in the past month from two points to six. he now leads governor romney 51% nt 45%. in colorado, the president down by five points last month now has a one-point lead, 48% to 47%. and the president is holding on to a four-point lead, 50% to 46%, in virginia. and wyatt andrews is there tonight. wyatt. >> reporter: scott, good evening. here's the surprise in our poll here in virginia-- the president gi actually beating mitt romney now in virginia on romney's core issue, the economy. >> i ab
>> pelley: tonight, president obama says there's no doubt about what caused the murder of a u.s. ambassador. the libyan president today called the deaths of four americans a huge tragedy. elizabeth palmer is in the aiddle of the still-ongoing violence. john miller has the investigation. we asked mitt romney about those outdid comments that have shaken up his campaign. is it just that when someone is inning for president in this day and age you can't always say what you believe? dr. jon lapook on a discovery that experts say could lead to a cure for breast cancer. and mark phillips with a killer for the irish republican army. she's told us her story, but will the police get to hear it. captioning sponsored by cbs pt this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. president obama said today the united states is gathering evidence in the murders of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans, but he said "there is no doubt that the assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi this past september 11 wasn't just a mob action." evidence is growing
with sharp criticism of u.s. foreign policy. jan crawford asks the governor about that. president obama's first interview since the you said in your acceptance speech that you are mindful of your own failings. >> yeah. >> pelley: what are they? and jim axelrod walks on a river run dry as the nation struggles with a historic drought. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there is developing evidence tonight that suggests that the killing of four american diplomats in libya may have been a terrorist attack, not the mob violence that was first suspected. u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three members of his staff were killed overnight in the fiery wreckage of the u.s. consulate in the city of benghazi. it happened after hundreds of people converged on the consulate to protest a little- known internet film that ridicules islam. the film was produced in the united states. it was just a year ago that the u.s. helped overthrow libya's dictator moammar qaddafi and christopher stevens was one of the americans on the ground t
on what was called the grand bargain to address overspending. in an interview, president obama told us that if he's reelected, he will reach a compromise with republicans. during a campaign swing through florida, we asked him about that and about the sharp division in america that makes this presidential race so close. i wonder why you think this country is so evenly divided. why have we become a red country and a blue country? >> sometimes politics gets a little more heated. passions rise. and, you know, i think what americans are looking for, it's not so much that they're divided ideologically, i think they just want to see us make progress and do what works. >> pelley: you don't believe the country ideologically divided? >> there's a segment of the country that's deeply divided. you know, it would be a hard to put a number on it, but i suspect that there are 30% hard core partisans on the republican side and 30% hard core partisans on the democratic side and then you've just got a lot of folks who spend most of their time thinking about how do i pay my bills and more than anything i
very much. it's 50 days before election day and president obama campaigned today in ohio. and for the second time in three months, he chose that key swing state to announce he is filing an unfair trade complaint against china. this time he's accusing the chinese of illegally driving down the cost of auto parts. a lot of people in ohio work in that business and nancy cordes is there with the president. >> reporter: it was the power of the incumbency at work. mr. obama announcing a move he knew would be well received in a state-- ohio-- that could decide the election. >> today my administration is launching a new action against china. this one against illegal subsidies that encourage companies to ship auto part manufacturing jobs overseas. these are subsidies that directly harm working men and women on the assembly line in ohio and michigan and across the midwest. >> reporter: in a formal complaint to the world trade organization, the administration said the chinese government has given its auto industry $1 billion in unfair subsidies that make its cars and auto parts cheap
was explaining why he believes that nearly half of the country would always be on the side of president obama. >> pelley: the video was recorded on may 17. it was obtained by the liberal magazine "mother jones." "mother jones" distributed it yesterday along with a press release. later in the tape, governor romney characterized the americans who pay no federal income taxes. >> pelley: his figure was correct, but there is controversy about how he described the 47% as dependent and not taking personal responsibility. the governor responded today and here's jan crawford. jan? >> reporter: well, scott, romney is making it clear he is not backing away from those comments. in fact, he is using them to draw a sharp contrast between his views on government and what he says are the president's. >> this is a message i'm carrying day in and day out and will carry over the coming months, which is this is a decision about the course of america and where we're going to head. >> reporter: in an interview this afternoon on fox news, romney stood his ground, using his remarks about dependence on government to
of three voters is over 65, romney trails president obama by four points. 51% to 47%. in ohio, romney is down eight points, 52% to 44%. and it gets about the same z mbers in virginia, eight points behind. in those three states, of senior voters who said medicare is extremely important 53% are going with president obama, 42% mitt romney. we asked dean reynolds to tell us more about the medicare factor. >> the first step to a stronger strcare is to repeal obamacare. oboos) because it represents the worst of both worlds! >> reporter: a week ago when republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan spoke about medicare to the american association of retired persons in new orleans, he got an earful. >> the law turned medicare boo into a piggy bank for obamacare! (boos) >> reporter: that frosty reaction is borne out in new polling, both by cbs news and others which found more people thought the president would do a better job handling medicare than governor romney. the "washington post" and kaiser foundation surveyed voters in virginia, ohio, and florida. in those states that found that saj
to implore voters to cast their ballots. barack obama will be preparing for debates in nevada, where cbs expects 65% of vote voters to vote early. his presence in the state of nevada stirs up activities for democrats who then will try to arck up their voters early. if a campaign can get lots of voters to vote early, then the campaign can spend its time and resources in other battleground states with other voters. >> pelley: these early votes aren't counted until election day. i wonder how do the campaigns know how people are voting early? >> the secretary of state in most of the early voting states hports daily the names of those who voted-- not how they voted, just that they did. what the campaigns then do is match that against the lists of voters they've identified over the years. so if mrs. jones has asked for an early ballot but isn't on that daily report, the campaign will contact her. this is why ground game matters. they often know what mrs. jones ndres about, and that's what they'll talk about when they call her to push her to vote. operatives from both parties joke that with vot
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)